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Top 5 Winter Instagram Posts - 2023

As the winter season of the park ends, we would like to look back at 5 of our favorite Instagram posts, where @starvedrockhikers was tagged. These unique photos truly encapsulate the beauty of winter at Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks.

A Starved Rock Hikers Trailblazer, @always_exploring, visited Lasalle Canyon this winter. This post features LaSalle Canyon in the winter, with the waterfall frozen. The second photo features Lasalle Canyon in a warmer season, with water flowing. Seeing the park in different seasons sure is beautiful.

Eagle watching is one of the top things to do at Starved Rock in the winter, and @thenaturehaven captured it perfectly. The two pictures in the post go perfectly together, as you can see the eagle's wings take flight.

WOW! Check out this photo of Wildcat Canyon. Frozen falls, crisp colors, and the sun peeking through the trees at the top of the canyon. A wonderful shot @rom_landscape_photography.

This photo captures the changing of two seasons, and be sure to give the caption a read! We love the contrast of standing on snow and ice, with water and leaves right in front of you. Be sure to check out the park as it transitions from winter to spring. What a neat idea for a photo @helenmeyerphotograhpy.

What a majestic Instagram reel featuring Lake Falls at Matthiessen State Park, by @logan_b1015. Water flowing down the middle, with snowy borders on each side makes for a wondrous winter sight. When visiting Starved Rock, be sure to stop by Matthiessen State Park as well for views like this.

Thank you to all hikers who visited the park this winter, and shared the beauty of the park with others through social media. As spring is upon us, be sure to tag @starvedrockhikers, for a chance to be featured.

See you on the trails.

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