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Looking for the location of that gushing waterfall? The best time to visit the park? Or maybe you have tips to share with others?

Ask a question or answer a question in the Starved Rock Hikers Community, a Facebook group of hikers dedicated to enhancing your hiking experience in the Starved Rock area.

SRH community phone.png

A certain group of people visit the parks on a frequent basis. Often, they're the first to forge a path after a winter snowstorm and the last to enjoy a summer sunset from the veranda. Consisting of avid hikers, families, photographers, and explorers, they all have one thing in common; They lead the way and inspire others to discover the natural wonders of the parks. We call them, Trailblazers

Our Trailblazer program is designed to raise awareness and promote our offerings so that all park visitors can have a better experience. Would you like to help lead the way? Reach out below.

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