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Camping Near Starved Rock State Park

As spring gets closer and the weather warms up, camping season has arrived. Camping is a great way to experience and be one with the outdoors, while providing shelter for your overnight stay. Lucky for you, the Starved Rock area provides many different camping sites. Read on to discover the different camping options near Starved Rock State Park, and some best tips when camping.

Our favorite campgrounds in the area:

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an outdoor cabin experience, here our our favorites:

What you need to know and best tips when camping in the Spring at Starved Rock

  • Check campground opening dates (many campgrounds are open year-round, but do not fully open all amenities until April 1)

  • The cancellation policy for your campground

  • The weather (spring weather is unpredictable!) Bring warm clothes, a rain jacket, and rain shoes

  • Bring insect repellent, rain brings out mosquitos!

  • Be prepared for high winds - if camping in a tent, make sure you bring stakes

  • A tarp is very useful to bring if you have one, especially for tent camping in the spring

  • Wear layers - often in the spring, it will be cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon with the sun. Layers are also key for when the rain is on and off

  • Bring a mat to put outside of your camper/tent, as trails will likely be muddy

  • Make sure you have somewhere dry to store personal belongings on the hike (whether that is a bag, pocket, etc)

  • Water, water, water! Spring means sunny warm days, Yay! But make sure you bring plenty of water with you on hikes to stay hydrated in the potential heat.

Camping in the Spring at Starved Rock is one of the best times to do so. The weather is warming up and summer crowds have not arrived. Spring at the park brings flowing waterfalls and blooming flowers. See the park during the day, and relax at a campfire during the evening.

*All photos featured are of the Camp Aramoni boutique campground and event venue

See you on the trails,

Starved Rock Hikers

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