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Sustainable Adventures: Exploring Starved Rock this Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, 2023, and the global theme this year is "Invest in our Planet". There is no better place to celebrate than outdoors in nature, and luckily for you, there are three beautiful state parks to explore in the Starved Rock area: Matthiessen, Buffalo Rock, and Starved Rock State Parks. Each of these state parks plays an instrumental role in keeping the natural wonders and ecosystems of our area clean and beautiful. Invest in our parks, give back, and make a difference on Earth Day and every day.

Starved Rock Stewardship Saturday:
  • Where: Starved Rock State Park Visitor Center

  • When: 9:00am - 11:00am

  • What: Park-wide cleanup. A perfect way to enjoy a nice day of hiking with family and friends while giving back to the park. Pickers and garbage bags provided.

  • More information located here

Hike safely at the park by following a couple tips from Starved Rock Hikers:

More ways you can give back this Earth Day 2023

  • Create awareness of Earth Day, environmental efforts, and keeping our parks clean

    • Consider posting on social media (tag @starvedrockhikers if you do!) or inviting family/friends to come out to the parks with you

  • Plant a tree - this is a super fun activity for the whole family!

  • Use green and reusable products. Reduce your carbon footprint.

    • Go through old items and donate those which are being unused instead of throwing stuff in the trash

  • Join a community, such as the Hikers Community, where you can connect and celebrate with people who love the outdoors just like you

Get involved with and donate to the Starved Rock Foundation

Starved Rock Hikers is proud to have a strong partnership with the Starved Rock Foundation. The Starved Rock Foundation, through generous donations from people like you, help further funding for park programs, events, and interpretive materials such as exhibits, maps, and signage found throughout the park.

The Starved Rock Foundation is a friends group that supports the state park through educational programs, supplies, exhibit updates, leading hikes, trail walkers, front desk support, bookstore, and other labors of love. It is a volunteer-run organization. The Foundation and the staff at the park work hand-in-hand to provide a positive park experience. Without them, the Visitor’s Center, guided hikes, and programs could not happen.

Over the last 20 years, the Foundation has donated nearly $400,000 to various projects in and around the Park. Get involved by signing up to volunteer, or by becoming a Foundation member!

A portion of the Starved Rock Hikers proceeds are donated to the Starved Rock Foundation. Browse our product offerings in the Le Rocher Gift Shop at the Starved Rock Visitor Center, at one of our local retailers, or on our online shop.

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Every time you purchase a product from Starved Rock Hikers, you are also helping the park. A portion of our annual proceeds are donated to the Starved Rock Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports Starved Rock & Matthiessen through educational programs, guided hikes, exhibit updates, and more.

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