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St. Louis Canyon


30 min - 1 hr



About the Hike:

A short, .6 mile hike from the St. Louis Parking area that is downhill to the canyon and uphill back to the car (although there aren’t any steep staircases). The waterfall is spring-fed, and many times is full of wildlife to be on the lookout for. St. Louis Canyon was also the location of the famous Starved Rock Murders back in the 1960's.

Suggested Route:

Park in St. Louis Parking area (mini lot) off of Rt. 178, across from Grand Bear Resort. Enter by walking past the gate and start the hike on the paved trail. After heading down a few staircases, there will be a split in the path. Go right and proceed to the canyon.



A few staircases to descend down prior to entering the canyon. Since this is an in-and-out trail, staircases must be climbed on the return and a somewhat step grade paved hill is on the trail.

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