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St. Louis Canyon from Lodge


1 - 1.5 hr



About the Hike:

A historic, longer hike to St. Louis Canyon, which features one of Starved Rock’s tallest and most well-known waterfalls’. Take the bluff trail to the towering waterfall, which is spring-fed, and the beautiful canyon also boasts plenty of wildlife. This trail is commonly associated with the 1960 Starved Rock Murders.

Suggested Route:

Park in the large Lodge parking lot. Catch the bluff trail on the backside of the Lodge. Make sure that you cross the bridge above the road within the first few minutes of your hike. After crossing the bridge, stay left at the split in the trail and continue to hike along the bluff trail. Later in the hike, after going down several staircases, go left again at the second fork in the road. Continue along the trail to head towards the canyon.



2 miles of relatively flat terrain. Once arriving at the canyon there are a few staircases to descend down prior to entering. Since this is an in-and-out trail, staircases must be climbed on the return and a somewhat steep grade paved hill is on the trail.

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