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Overlooks (Starved Rock, Lovers Leap, Eagle Cliff, & Beehive)


2 - 2.5 hr



About the Hike:

Visit the legendary Rock, along with three more picturesque overlooks on this hike. Unique from other routes, this hike solely focuses on experiencing the park from above. See snow capped trees, icicles, and look out over a winter wonderland. Be on the lookout for eagle and bird watching at the several lookouts as well. Bald eagles are most active during the winter months.

Suggested Route:

Start at Visitor Center, take the first left you can (at the trailhead) and go up the stairs. Once reaching the top of the trail, take the first right and proceed to the Rock. After the Rock, go back down the same stairs you came up, go left, and cross the bridge (staying left). Make sure to stay left throughout the hike, so you are near the river. This will take you to Lover’s Leap, and hiking past Lovers Leap will lead to Eagle Cliff Overlook. Lastly, take the staircase down by Eagle Cliff and continue along the trail near the river to arrive at Beehive Overlook.



Several staircases to climb in order to get to the overlooks. Stairs can become snowpacked and icy during the winter.

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