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Canyons (St. Louis, French, Wildcat, & LaSalle)


3 - 5 hr



About the Hike:

Calling all canyon lovers, this hike is for you! See four of the park's most beautiful waterfalls in St. Louis, French, Wildcat, and LaSalle Canyon, with each location offering something unique. Along the way, you will pass by Aurora, Sac, Kickapoo, Pontiac, Basswood, and Lonetree Canyon. If you feel up to it and want to see a sight from above, Sandstone Point Overlook is on the way as well. This hike is well worth it!

Suggested Route:

Park in St. Louis parking area (mini lot) off of Rt. 178, across from the Grand Bear Resort. Enter by walking past the gate and start the hike on the paved trail. After heading down a few staircases, there will be a split in the path. Go right and proceed to the canyon. When leaving St. Louis Canyon, hike up the stairs heading towards the lodge (not the same staircase you descended down to get into the canyon), and once arriving at the lodge, walk over to the large lodge parking lot and enter the trail with the eagle totem poles. From here, you can descend down into French Canyon, and then take the bluff trail to Wildcat Canyon. After Wildcat, continue heading East towards LaSalle Canyon (You can take the bluff or river trail depending on if you’re at the bottom or top of Wildcat). Once you cross the stone bridge, go right and enter LaSalle Canyon. After LaSalle Canyon, be prepared for a long hike back to the car. Feel free to stop at the Lodge for a quick afternoon coffee or ice cream before the final St. Louis Canyon stretch.



Long, strenuous hike featuring lots of staircases and many terrain changes.

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