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Wildcat Canyon from the Lodge


1 - 1.5 hr



About the Hike:

One of the most beloved hikes in the park, this hike offers views of Wildcat Canyon from above along with the ability to go down, deep in the canyon and an up close view of the falls. The falls flow most rapidly in the spring. In the winter, Wildcat Canyon is a favorite for ice climbers, who are a unique sight to see if you are lucky enough to be there on the same day they are climbing.

Suggested Route:

Start at the parking lot across from Starved Rock Lodge. Head towards the trailhead that is marked by the tall eagle totem poles. Take the brown bluff trail along the top of French Canyon and eventually you will come to the top of Wildcat Canyon. From here, you can descend down into the canyon if you would like, but be prepared to tackle the steps if you so choose. This is one of the tallest staircases in the park.



Several staircases to get down into the canyon and back up. Staircases can become very icy in the winter.

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