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LaSalle Canyon from Visitor Center


2.5 hr



About the Hike:

Although a longer hike from the Visitor Center at about 4 miles roundtrip, LaSalle Canyon is well worth it. Visitors have the ability to walk directly behind the 25 foot frozen waterfall.. Take in the frozen waterfall and icicles all around. During the right temperatures and conditions you may find ice climbers scaling the frozen falls. Along the hike, find scenic bridges, overlooks, and possibly wildlife including bald eagles.

Suggested Route:

Start at the Visitor Center and take the bluff trail to Wildcat Canyon. At Wildcat, hikers will have two options to proceed to LaSalle Canyon. Either catch the river trail right at Wildcat Canyon by descending down the stairs or continue along the bluff trail past Sandstone Point Overlook, and then hop on the river trail. Take the river trail to LaSalle Canyon, and then take the same route which was taken to get to LaSalle Canyon, back to the Visitor Center.



Four miles out and back, multiple staircases, erosion has caused part of the trail closer to the canyon to be very thin. Extra caution should be taken near this point especially when icy.

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