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Hennepin, Kaskaskia & Ottawa Canyons


3 hr



About the Hike:

Experience the solitude of Hennepin Canyon and its beauty from above. Then, see Council Overhang, Ottawa Canyon, and Kaskaskia Canyon all in one hike. Council Overhang is a grand sandstone rock overhang (another opportunity for serenity in the park), and Ottawa and Kaskaskia (although smaller canyons) are gems of Starved Rock.

Suggested Route:

Park in the Parkman's Plain lot (on the same side of the Illinois River). From the parking lot, start hiking down the trail. Go down one staircase and immediately turn right at the map. After viewing Hennepin Canyon from above, continue to follow the trail east. Eventually, you will reach a set of stairs, and after descending down you will come to Route 71 (the main road of the park). Use EXTREME CAUTION when crossing the roadway. After crossing, continue along the trail and proceed towards the Council Overhang area. You can head into Ottawa Canyon which is right next to Council Overhang, or venture a little farther East to reach Kaskaskia Canyon.



Couple staircases, long hike, road crossing, potential muddy trails.

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