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French, Wildcat Canyons, and Overlooks


2 - 2.5 hr



About the Hike:

See two of the park’s picturesque, frozen waterfalls, and hike to Eagle Cliff and Lovers Leap Overlooks on this two-mile roundtrip hike. You may get lucky and see ice climbers at Wildcat Canyon scaling the 80ft frozen waterfall. Eagle Cliff, indicated by the name, is a great place to spot eagles in the winter months, and Lovers Leap offers a complete overlook of the Illinois River, lock and dam, and the rock.

Suggested Route:

Start at the Visitor Center and go straight to French Canyon. Then exit the canyon and go up the steps to the southernmost trail, east to Wildcat Canyon via the bluff trail. After Wildcat Canyon, take the river trail back and visit Beehive Overlook and Eagle Cliff Overlook. Head to Lovers Leap and down the staircase back to the Visitor Center.



5+ staircases, natural stone foot holds, partially paved partially natural sand, dirt, etc. Walking trails may be snow packed and icy in winter. It is not recommended to enter French Canyon if ice has formed.

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